Where to Find DC’s Best Crafted Beers

DC is slowly earning its reputation as the home of the best beer brewers in the world. Visit Washington and have a taste for yourself. Brewers use many techniques in brewing their home-crafted beers, so the variety of beers you could get here is enormous. There are some brewers who can mix ingredients of your choice, and craft it to your taste.


Meridian Pint “Your Ideal Cold Pale Beer”

They have already crafted 100 different flavours of beers. But no matter what kind of flavour they make, the outcome would be pale, strong with subtle crips of new flavours. Aside from the beer, you could eat savoury dishes at their bar. They craft not only beers but also dishes that are perfect partners to your nice, cold beer. They also work with other breweries to bring more selections to their visitors. If you are a person who likes beer, this place would be your magical haven for all your beer-desires.

Smoke and Barrel “Find The Locals’ Favourites”

beerThis amazing restaurant has a great selection of beers which are favoured by the locals. This place is a good place to start if you want to know about Washington’s way of beer drinking. Don’t worry if you are not a beer drinker because they have other high-quality alcoholic beverages on their menu. Smoke and Barrel build a website, and guess what, the locals voted for their favourite beer and drinks. Now, Smoke and Barrel cater the locals’ favourite crafted beer flavours.

Right Proper Brewing Company “Yeast-Centric Beers”

They work with yeast-centric beer community and sell their home-crafted beers at their restaurant. Right Proper Brewing Company got wild versions of beers you can’t just get anywhere. They are not afraid to invent flavours as long as they are doing the “proper way of brewing”. The bar is fun. There will be music, dancing, and of course, great selections of beers.