Washington’s Kid-Friendly Events

Are you planning to bring your kids in your adventure in Washington D.C? Don’t worry because DC won’t bore them. There are so many things you can do with your kids without the need for big bucks coming out of your pocket. Just do a little planning, so you’ll just be right in time for these fun-filled events.


Blossom Kite Festival

Calling all kite lovers out there. Washington holds kite competitions every summer. Learn about the art of kite-making from the masters. It’s also a fun outdoor activity where your kids can run wild. Don’t forget to bring extra towels and water because Washington is notorious for having extreme hot summers. But in the afternoon, it would be windy enough to send your kites up above the skies. Enjoy the vast open sky full of amazing kites, a good way to remind us what it feels like to be children again.

National Capital Barbecue Battle

If your kids like barbecue, they are in for a treat. National capital barbecue would gather all the masters of barbecue. They have to compete for a day to prove that they cook the best barbecue in Washington. The winner could take home up to $40,000 prize money. But the real winners are the visitor who satisfied their insatiable cravings for barbecue. Just think about the ribs, chicken thighs, and tasty sauces. You don’t want to be anywhere else during this National Barbecue Battle. Even the guys doing tech blog would go loco for barbecue.


Dupont-Kalorama Museums Consortium

After all the fun, bring them to Washington’s famous Dupont-Kalorama Museum. The place is huge, a perfect way to drain their enormous energy while taking in some valuable learning from history. If you happen to visit during weekends, your kids can get free food and treats. There will be music and wholesome dancing. While they are having fun, you can socialize a bit to other parents in the event.