Travel Diary: Slow Down and Just Experience Life Wonders

A city might not be a perfect place to just take a pause from the busy life it offers. Imagine yourself finally logging out for work, you are so excited to go home and find your bed. While waiting for the bus, there are lots of things going around you then an idea just popped up. What about some fresh air tonight? Instead of finding your bed, you found yourself lost in your own thoughts about your life. It’s not a bad place to be. It is when you take a pause that you realize your true desires.


Find a Park For a Quick Stroll

Life is busy. You have to check out the Alexa traffic rank search for your blog, make sure you have crossed off your to-do list completely, and make sure that you are prepared for tomorrow’s meeting. Life is exhausting. But just like what the old saying says, “life is what we make it.” It reflects how you have spent your time. Find your balance. When you are overwhelmed, find a park where you can quickly stroll. It’s good exercise while de-stressing your mind.

Write it Down

I remember when my teacher told me that your greatest friend is your diary. Because it can keep a secret. Today, writing is my outlet. Many of us have things that we cannot convey to others due to fear of getting judged. According to shops, writing on a journal helped them become better bloggers. Before, they used to buy premium traffic, but now, when they finally have the enthusiasm to write, they gained followers like crazy. Take a pause, write it down.

Washington DCTravel to Washington

Washington D.C. got the bad rap because of how media portrays this city. But on the other side of the story, Washington D.C., is the best of both worlds. You have access to all the comforts you may desire and still can enjoy beautiful nature at the same time. The mobile traffic checker will also get you on track during your travel. Washington also has a lot of happy communities online. They promote positivity in a world where negativity is everywhere. Washington is a must see especially for people who need to work and travel.