Souvenirs from DC To Take Home with You

Mount Vernon Stemless Wine Glasses

wine glassThese wine glasses keep the memory of historic estate alive. They don’t come with a stem, so it’ll be easier for travelers to package them. The package comes with four fabulous wine glasses for you to take home. These wine glasses are high-quality and have wide rims where the wine can have more room to breathe to give you that delicate wine experience. You don’t have to worry about these glasses breaking during your flight home because they come with excellent packaging.

Supreme Court Cufflinks

For travelers who hate bulky stuff, these cufflinks would be an ideal souvenir. The supreme court cufflinks are elegant in design. They are gold plated with a navy blue background seal. This item might be small, but it holds a lot of meaning. The eagle symbolizes “one supreme court”. The cufflinks come in a beautiful small box which makes them perfect for gifts.

Peanuts from Virginia

Peanuts might be common, but if it’s from Virginia, it is a gourmet. Virginia is known for producing high-quality peanuts with a distinct crunch that sets it apart from other peanut variety. Also, Virginia’s way of cooking peanuts is special. You can also try their peanut pie, peanut brittle, and peanut soup. Peanuts in Virginia are colonial favourites. It has been Virginia’s favourite snack for centuries. They can cook so many dishes with peanuts, and make desserts out of them.

White House

White House Christmas Ornament

Selling of White House Christmas ornament became a tradition. Every year, a new design will be released, so an ornament design would be a collectors’ item. The design of the ornament could vary. It may honour past presidents or highlight Washington’s historic buildings, and events. The money they collect from these ornaments would be donated to charitable groups. You may get them at the White House Visitor Center. It’s a good souvenir because you are taking a precious piece of Washington with you while helping charities.